Increase Operations Efficiency in the Insurance Industry

After the economic challenges of the past decade, many companies are looking to streamline processes but are often not reaching their expected savings or fully commit to their proposed changes.

Operational efficiency is integral to maintaining profitability in a volatile market and economic climate, but it also responds to increased calls for transparency and faster access to important information. As communications become more dependent on the Internet over in-person calls, operational efficiency can also help companies meet their clients where they are at: online and researching their next major purchases.

Today’s insurance consultants strive to make insurance companies more profitable and agile, here’s how to do this with employee and operations management.

Four Effective Ways to Manage Your Employees
Operational efficiency starts with your employees. That makes operational management dependent on how you manage your employees. The right management can encourage your staff, get them better equipped for change and increase your profitability.

Encourage idea management: Your staff are your most knowledgeable and immediate resource into your business’ ins and outs. The best ideas will often come from your own staff. Working to ensure that your employees feel comfortable and encouraged to bring their ideas forward is a key to modern success, a strategy that has led to important changes in organizations like Toyota and GE.

Prioritize motivation and engagement: Employees who feel heard and engaged often show a 15-20 per cent increase in performance. So how do you engage employees? Focus on motivation, incentive programs and, of course, clear and open communication.

Incentivize your staff with fair and motivating rewards: Monetary compensation is just one way in which you can motivate your employees, but never underestimate the power of a pizza party and mentions of success in the company newsletter. These are often more cost effective and always appreciated by your team.

Change cost allocation: Flat, equal cost distribution is one of the least effective ways to improve operations, yet it is still a popular strategy. Instead, allocate costs based on consumption. It encourages people to use the resources in the organization and it saves money on expensive third-party solutions.

Four Ways to Achieve the Most Productive Organizational Structure
Look for inside hires: It pays to bring in an outside perspective, but always promoting from without instead of from within the company will leave your team feeling like they need to go elsewhere to grow. Growing leaders in-house and taking the time to mentor promising employees can help you retain valuable assets just when they may look to move, and will save you on hiring a more expensive expert from outside.

Streamline compensation: What people earn is quickly becoming more common knowledge and, with it, tensions around compensation. By streamlining your levels of compensation, you can ensure equal pay for equal work while rewarding those who deserve more for their efforts.

Reduce management layers: Modern businesses need to be flexible, agile and quick to respond to change. Having multiple levels of management can lead to the opposite: bureaucratic inefficiencies and communication structures that lose vital information. By reducing levels of management, you can increase your efficiency and better plan for those quick changes.

Get the right number of people: Too few or too many employees both present problems. One will burn out your staff, increase turnover and lead to operational “bottlenecks.” Too many employees unnecessarily increases costs while insufficiently leveraging your collected talent. This is where operations, contact centre and back-office benchmarks can drive operational efficiency.

The Assessments & Benchmarks Insurance Companies Need
If you are curious about how your company is operating and want to understand how to better streamline your operation, The Burnie Group has may assessments and benchmarks that can help your organization run better. They are even available across multiple channels, including:

Call/phone (including IVR)
Online (including chat and bots)
Insurance benchmarks and assessments are also available across different business lines, such as:

P&C insurance
Individual life insurance
Group life insurance
Insurance benchmarks and assessments can also help across different functions, including:

Loyalty and retention
Shared services (e.g. Workforce management)
Contact The Burnie Group today to learn more about how to drive operational efficiencies in your company to achieve better profit, happier employees, and streamlined process.

Affordable Rooms in Dharmasthala

One of the most famous religious sites in south India has a history dating back more than 800 years and is known as Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala, the country of righteousness and piety. Since then and forever, Manjunatheshwara, the principal god of the spiritual dwelling, has assumed the shape of a shiva linga and kept Dharmasthala’s temple town spotless. Lord Manjunatheshwara is worshipped at Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala in a very uncommon yet excessive way since this Shaiva temple is prayed to by Vaishnava priests and maintained by Jain ancestors.

If you haven’t yet visited Dharmasthala, then you have missed one of the most serene places. The places offer you positivity and relaxation all at once. However, when you are visiting, you need to stay at hotels. In such cases, finding Affordable Rooms for Stay in Dharmasthala can be monotonous. Here in this editorial learn about a few tips to find the best hotel in Dharmasthala.

Compare resources and prices

The way you make your reservation might have a significant impact on the price. To obtain a general idea of the hotels in your target region, start with websites, but don’t rely on them for comprehensive information. Continue your independent study on such hotels. Look for reduction codes and additions like free of charge Wi-Fi, banquet, or parking. Moreover, don’t disregard a hotel’s own website. When you reserve via their domain, many chains assures the lowest value.

Make a rate concession.

Choose a couple of your favorites and answer the phone after you are familiar with the area. Notify the property of the cost you found out on other sites and enquire if they can offer it. If the hotel is agreeing, then congratulations, you have got a great deal.

Search for last-minute discounts

There are a lot of apps that specialize in assisting last-minute visitors to find affordable hotel rooms. Discounts for only a day and two in advance are also listed on websites. Reservations at the final minute don’t every time work, though. Tripping while a popular meeting or on a vacation may consequence in an increase in require and price.

Look into alternate facilities

You will never have to reserve a hotel as an accommodation option. Websites like Airbnb allow you to rent a room, an apartment, or a whole house.

Budget travelers, especially those who venture outside, should consider staying in hostels. You never have to divide up a room in a dorm with a gathering of teenagers, so don’t be troubled concerning that. The mainstream of hostels brings you a few personal accommodations with personal toilets.

Put your affiliations to use

When you are travelling, seniors, government workers, students, and military personnel, may be eligible for reduced hotel prices. Consult the hotel before making a reservation or use websites to get offers.

What Amenities should you expect in a budget hotel?

Complimentary Breakfast

Free breakfast is something that guests look for while looking to save cash and appreciate the ease of either preparing their own food or eating it nearby their hotel. Hotels may compete on the breakfast front by providing some type of complimentary breakfast option, whether it’s a continental table or a sit-down hot meal, especially since the majority of short-term rentals include kitchens.


Providing down, foam, and allergenic pillows may help your hotel seem more like a home because many visitors have sensitivities or strong sensitivities toward particular types of pillows.

Internet connection through WIFI for free:

Free Wi-Fi is gradually becoming a standard service that travelers anticipate and don’t want to pay more for. The lack of free Wi-Fi may be a deal-breaker for some visitors. Do you wish to go beyond? Allow visitors to stream their preferred television shows on your hotel’s TVs using services like Netflix.


You should look for this advice while finding affordable rooms in Dharmasthala. Make sure you are finding all the amenities as well. Contact Devatha Home stay for affordable rooms.